SEED IN THE SAND is the second film in Christiane Cegavske’s stop motion animated trilogy, which began with BLOOD TEA AND RED STRING.

Driven by starvation in his dry and lifeless meadow, a desperate nest-dwelling creature obsessed by mysterious dreams abandons his mate and egg to find salvation beyond the sea of sand.

Using wire armature puppets, the stop motion animation is done with my Canon 7D camera and DragonFrame software. Green screen compositing and computer graphic effects are being incorporated into the work using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. Live action elements are also planned.

Though this film takes place in the same world, it is in a distant time and place from the land where Blood Tea and Red String took place. The creatures here are similar but of another race. Seed in the Sand opens where Blood Tea and Red String ends, in the live action world inhabited by the masked woman. She is in a meadow now, dressed in a red coat carrying a red bag. After digging a small hole she reaches into the red bag, pulls out the large golden gem and plants it in the ground. When she has departed, small white creatures with long pointy ears and red beaks emerge from their nests to watch the spot until one day a sprout emerges.

This sprout grows into a large bush with leaves of book pages and a white cloth pod sewn up with red stitching. After dreaming of an island shrine, one of the white creatures plucks the precious pod and goes away with it across the sea of sand in a boat made of a discarded map, abandoning his mate and their egg. On his journey, he meets a trio of gem mining island dwellers, covered in black fur with pointy ears and black beaks, who are keen to have the pod for themselves. As he makes his escape from them, his very life is in danger when he meets a ferocious blue sea monster intending to drag him down under the sand to its lair. The island dwellers remain in hot pursuit crowded into a teacup rowing with a silver spoon.

Moments filled with love and tenderness, eyes filled with dangerous greed, heroic acts and adventure all await the viewer in this new film from Christiane Cegavske.

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